Morning: Alice Hall

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Photo Credit: Viola Cafuli

‘Morning’ presents images by artist Alice Hall from separate photographic series’, including ongoing projects, from 2011-2017. Hall approaches certain natural objects and spaces of the household, from flowers to windowpanes with a new visual perception, documented using an analogue process. Her use of 35mm film makes these prints serendipitous, capturing the temporality of these domestic moments with the lightness of photography. The subjects in these images are abstracted, losing their legibility and gaining dimensionality.

Her world of beauty suggests that within the subjects there may be hidden layers that we need to feel, not see. Emotional resonance and reflection is heightened by the softened subject matter. This becomes tangible, for instance, in the photograph London Light, 2013, that appears to us a colour gradient but is taken of a windowpane from Hall’s flat in London. Further developing a relationship of seeing to feeling, Hall embroiders her emotional state directly onto the printed image in her ongoing Maps, 2017 series, which read almost like a daily memoir.

In her A Dream of Roses, 2011 series, Hall slept on the negatives, altering them with her movements and incorporating the images into her dreams. Between the analogue process and physical alteration, there is a beauty and softness evoked. Her images refer to the idea of creation itself—their ethereal nature hint that perhaps what we deem to be abstract images are closer to our reality than we are aware of.


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  • DeDe Bauder


    Love it! You have come a long way. We are all very proud of you!

    January 27, 2018

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